World Penguin

Glitches and Strategies


 Super smash flash

- suidicide using kirby or jiggly puff

-sometimes people go through the staduim if you are using Link in mid air using the down attack.

Mario starcatcher

-Don't fall on level 6, it will be an automatic gameover

-There is a hidden block to get the 1 up in lv 6

-Jump on pipes on lv 7 to get the coins ond if your on the pipe press down and you will be at lv six

-There will be a spot on lv 10 to get the 1 up, the is where there has no coin

-You can get the 1 up in lv 13(it is not a trap)

-On lv 13 when your standing on the pipe, press down 2 times to go back to lv 6

-Collect 100 coins to get a 1 up at any lv

-On lv 16 hit the 2nd "!" and go to the platform in the middle then jump to a block and the to the 1 up

-For lv 18 get all the coins but dont hit the fish and the star will appear

-You won't lose lives on lv 19

-In lv 19 wait for the red shell to run awayand chase after it, when your near the stairs don't move, until the red shell comes, jump on the stairs, then wait for the bullet bill and grab the 1up

But first with red flying koopa

-Run to the right and jump over bowser than go right, to the cannon and wait until he passes out. run it to him and press "left and right" fast repeatedly until he hits the brick wall.
After 3 times finish bowser with the spike ball or cannon!

Raid Air Basketball

-Hold the right arrow key with the spacebar on the white circle (or sometimes a bit farther), jump and hit the down key with the spacebar really fast and you'll perform a dunk.