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Arcade/Videos updated completion

Posted by Evan Tanudjaja on January 29, 2012 at 8:35 PM

 We have finish building the videos/arcade section completly, but you may notice the page is supposed to be for videos only, but since it works for games, we named it Arcade/Videos.


Q. Why didn't you just download one?

A. Some of them you must pay, some has viruses, the one we have is free, you can put comments and remove them.


 A new feature was also added to games, and it was FULLSCREEN! You can now play the games on computer screen size. To activate fullscreen, click the link above the description, once you're there press F11. Note: This will not work on mac computers.


 We are also giving the embed code for Super Smash Flash 2 because of the new update it also got, but for limited time only!

This has also changed!

 Visit Arcade/Videos now!

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